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What Can Chinese Herbal Medicine Do For You?

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese Herbal Medicine can provide powerful treatment to supplement your body and restore your health and balance. Its practice, which includes herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage and other remedies, is based on the belief that there is vital energy circulating through the body that connects the organs. Herbal formulas can be specifically designed and prescribed to treat the symptoms, ailments, disease or imbalance in your body. When used as a primary course of treatment, or in conjunction with other Chinese Traditional Medicine methods such as acupuncture, herbal medicine is a very effective and natural alternative to traditional western, pharmaceutical remedies.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) dates back at least 23 centuries

Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the largest (and oldest) organized herbal systems. In China, it is considered an even more powerful form of treatment than Acupuncture. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) dates back at least 23 centuries and is a system of medicine that aims to heal or prevent disease by restoring or maintaining a yinyang balance. In essence, traditional Chinese healers seek to restore a dynamic balance between two complementary forces, yin (passive) and yang (active), which pervade the human body as they do the universe as a whole. According to TCM, a person is healthy when harmony exists between these two forces; illness, on the other hand, results from a breakdown in the equilibrium of yin and yang.

Properly prescribed, Chinese herbs can help supplement the body and restore balance resulting in increased energy, improved sleep, decreased pain and other natural benefits.

What Can Chinese Herbal Medicine Do For You?
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Chinese herbs

Chinese herbal formulas are traditionally composed of ingredients chosen to work in combination with each other. In Western medicine practice, medications are often prescribed individually to implement a specific effect. In classical, traditional Chinese medicine herbal formulas, each herb plays a specific role to help the body achieve harmony. This ancient medicine path also looks at food the same way, in that they have different healing properties. Different foods carry different energies that can go directly to specific organs to help them heal.

TCM Self-Care Prescription

There is a time-tested prescription to good health and traditional Chinese medicine points to this.

  • Healthy eating

  • Healthy lifestyle

  • Herbal medicine

  • Acupuncture and bodywork

If subscribing to the complimentary practices, not only can you potentially treat some illnesses, but you will prevent them from happening and remain healthier to begin with. If your life doesn't currently follow the above plan or it seems daunting, then take it slow and start with one.

Here's 4 things that can help steer you in the right direction according to Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons.

  1. Build your meals around real, whole food. Chinese Medicine dietary therapy can be tailored to your individual needs for amazing results. That said, eating real, whole food is an excellent start. Stay away from supplements and seek a dietitian if you need help crafting your plan.

  2. Sleep 7-8 hours each night and stay on the move. Getting sufficient sleep and weaving physical movement into the every day are essential for longevity and vitality. These two things will effect everything in your life. You probably know someone who strives for the 10,000 steps per day mark - that's harder than you think and the hours slip by quickly. Get to bed on a schedule and get daily exercise early so that it becomes a way of life.

  3. Commit to a daily meditative or writing practice. Some people journal their lives, some do daily gratitude reminders. Some write about their hikes, children or pets. This will not only help calm your mind, but also allow you to touch into what you’re truly wanting and needing in life.

  4. Incorporate herbal formulas for bonus support. Chinese herbal formulas complement and facilitate healthy eating and lifestyle patterns. You can change your life and mentality by properly implementing Chinese herbal formulas into your regimen. If you can master the entire list above, you'll radiate an entirely new aura. Truly.

This basic prescription for self-care holds a powerful handful of healing potential. Our bodies want to move towards wellness. Healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, and herbal medicine support this.

Measuring herbs in an Asian apothecary
Acupunture for anxiety and stress

Some possible dangers

Like all foods, drugs, herbs and substances that we take into our bodies, there are consequences that will be paid through misuse or abuse. All herbs have their own properties. For example, think about how peppermint seems to cool you down.  Turmeric is hot and drying, and most recently it has become very popular as an anti-inflammatory. Like most suddenly popular things, people are flocking to use Turmeric. But due to our lifestyles, consumption and inflammation afflictions, people are taking it like a drug. That's not necessarily a good thing.

At Balanced Being, LLC I want you to consider the well-being of your body, so that you are not throwing it into imbalance. If considering some remedies on your own then do your research before self-prescribing. Check with your doctor or consult the internet a the very least. It's also empowering to have conversations with people who enjoy a TCM lifestyle, as your guide. Lastly, if you'd like a professional herbal consultation you can book an appointment directly with me.


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